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Frustrated with your lack of progress?
Are you frustrated with your driving lessons?

Six Elements That Make a Successful Driving Instructor
  • Does your driving instructor arrive on time for at least 90% of lessons?
  • Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson to agree strengths and weaknesses? (What do you remember from the last lesson)
  • Does your driving instructor always state firm lesson objectives as to what you will be learning during the current lesson and what you will be trying to achieve?(It is vital that you know exactly what you are trying to learn in the current lesson)
  • Does your driving instructor teach in a non confrontational manner or shout and complain when you make mistakes?(does your instructor prevent most errors by checking what you are going to do before you make a mistake or does he complain or shout after the event?)
  • Does your driving instructor help and guide you with feedback and encouragement or let you make lots of mistakes which leads to lack of confidence? (Does your instructor analyse why mistakes were made and does he praise you when you succeed?)
  • Does your driving instructor finish the lesson with a recap of what has been learnt and does he/she ask questions to check your understanding? (Statistics show that what you discuss during the last 5 minutes of your lesson will stay with you and reinforce your understanding)

How many boxes can you tick?

You are the paying customer and should not be subjected to substandard driving tuition

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Why do Learner Drivers Choose us

Six Secrets to Your 1st Time Pass


  • All of your lessons will have a clear and defined objective (No aimless 'driving around' with no clear objective and no idea what you are trying to achieve)
  • You will learn faster with our modern teaching style
  • Regular recaps speed up your learning process
  • Your lessons will be interactive - you will be actively encouraged to question in order to clarify any misunderstandings that you may have - so you do not just blindly follow
  • You will have the option to take two hour lessons.  This will give you the best value for money and reduce your learning time
  • You will have the option to book a regular weekly lessons at a time convenient to you. Statistics show that regular weekly driving lessons will give you continuity and greatly increase your chances of a first time pass

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