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18/05/2015: Candice Entwistle of Adlington. Passed 18 May

Candice Entwistle of Adlington. Passed 18 May

As Craig is a freind of my Mum it seemed the obvious choice.

Because I learned in a calm and relaxed environment I was able to stay focused. Craig's teaching methods were good, he was always calm and it was easy to understand his advice and instructions.

I would recommend Excel School of Motoring. Craig is calm and always up for a laugh - a great instructor.

Thank you! #1 instructor

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Why do Learner Drivers Choose us

Six Secrets to Your 1st Time Pass


  • All of your lessons will have a clear and defined objective (No aimless 'driving around' with no clear objective and no idea what you are trying to achieve)
  • You will learn faster with our modern teaching style
  • Regular recaps speed up your learning process
  • Your lessons will be interactive - you will be actively encouraged to question in order to clarify any misunderstandings that you may have - so you do not just blindly follow
  • You will have the option to take two hour lessons.  This will give you the best value for money and reduce your learning time
  • You will have the option to book a regular weekly lessons at a time convenient to you. Statistics show that regular weekly driving lessons will give you continuity and greatly increase your chances of a first time pass

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